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This ‘I believe I can Fly’ T-shirt had to be made

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Sunday night Marshall Newhouse picked up a Derek Carr fumble, ran with it and into immortality. He was undercut by Kiko Alonzo, causing Newhouse to helicopter through the air in a moment that took the NFL by storm. The ball came out of his hand and eventually Newhouse came down as well. And the internet went to work accentuating its greatness.

Here is the play, in case you missed it (or just want to watch it again):

Newhouse himself — who is a tremendous follow on Twitter, by the way — had fun with it as well.

There was no way that play was not going to be made into a T-shirt. And thus, here it is: The ‘I Believe I can Fly’ T-shirt, inspired by that iconic moment that will forever inspire every big man to take the ball and go for glory.

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