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Raiders week 14 report card vs Chiefs: Derek Carr and the Raiders choked under pressure once again

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
Derek Carr had his worst game of his career when it mattered most
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Del Rio led Oakland controlled their own destiny after winning 2 straight against subpar opponents, all they had to do was beat Kansas City. Unfortunately the Raiders picked the most important game of the year to once again embarrass themselves and their fans. In the biggest game they once again came up short as they have all year.

This will be short and to the point as there is no better way to say the team was a disaster on every level. Outside of Bruce Irvin and Marshawn Lynch the rest of the team didn’t even come out of the locker losing 26-15 after being down 26-0.

Passing Offense

Derek Carr was terrible, he missed open receiver after open receiver and topped it off with 2 interceptions and only 1 garbage time touchdown.

Grade: F

Biggest game of the season and the Raiders OC Todd Downing once again crapped the bed and made all that talent look pathetic. He went away from what was working the last few weeks and Derek Carr had a case of happy feet. The line couldn’t block anyone and once again Johnny Holton contributed 2 turnovers.

Rushing Offense

Marshawn Lynch averaged 8.7 yards per carry but for some reason only got 7 carries. The excuse as usual was the game got away from them according to the coaches. It didn’t this game was never out of hand thanks in large part to luck or divine intervention.

Grade: A

The run game was working but as usual the Raiders coaching staff is incompetent and went completely away from it. If this game didn’t get Todd Downing fired I don’t know what will.

Passing Defense

The Chiefs moved the ball at will, the only reason they only scored 26 points was sheer luck. Dexter McDonald and T.J. Carrie were absolute garbage being abused by any receiver Alex Smith chose to target. The pass rush was able to manage 4 sacks and Karl Joseph playing FS finally recorded the Raiders 2nd INT of the season.


Bruce Irvin: A

Everyone else: F

Bruce gets his own grade, he doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with the rest of the garbage effort. He was a monster on defense and deserved the win, unfortunately the rest of the defense forgot their heart in the locker room. Irvin has been criticized heavily all year long but has really turned it on in recent weeks.

Rushing Defense

There simply aren’t enough words to explain just how pathetic the run defense was. It was as though they had never seen a delay run before. Kareem Hunt went over 100 yards, which he hadn’t done since week 5, but the Raiders seem to be the cure for what ails any struggling team this year.

Grade: F

Hunt rushed for 116 yards his highest total since... the last matchup with the Raiders where he rushed for 87 yards. The Raiders showed no heart and they got destroyed in easily the most pathetic effort since the New England Patriots debacle earlier in the year.

Special Teams

Special teams play was just as awful as the rest of the team. Even Marquette King struggled and Giorgio Tavecchio never got an opportunity to do anything other than an XP attempt. All around the effort was disappointing and sad.

Grade: F

Nothing more to say than this was the biggest game of the year and they completely bombed.


If you can’t get your team up and ready for a game against a division rival with 1st place on the line you shouldn’t be a coach. Jack Del Rio and Todd Downing should be let go, they shouldn’t even have made the flight home. The fact they did is a slap in the face to the hard working fans supporting this garbage.

Grade: F

Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis need to clean house now, there is too much talent to be this awful. No excuses, Del Rio has lost the team and rightfully so. His coordinator decisions have been horrendous and his constant finger pointing after every loss is tiresome.

Jack you are the coach take some responsibility and at some point have a clue as to how to fix something, anything at all.