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Eagles QB Carson Wentz out rest of the season with torn ACL with Raiders on the schedule

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Today Eagles head coach Doug Pederson announced what they and everyone else feared — their MVP candidate quarterback is now lost for the season.

Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL running in a touchdown Sunday in a win over the Rams. His Eagles will now have to try to win the final three games as well as the playoffs without him.

Among those final three games is the Raiders who come to Philadelphia in week 16. The quarterback who will be taking Wentz’s place is Nick Foles who, if you’ll recall, had a career game against the Raiders in 2013 when he threw 7 touchdowns with no interceptions. He’s never had more than three in any other game of his career.

Losing their MVP candidate quarterback after having led his team to the playoffs is something the Raiders know all too well. It happened to them just last season when Derek Carr was lost in week 16 after leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record. They would fall apart without him and lose in the season finale as well as in the first round of the playoffs in Houston.

Having Wentz lost for the Raiders game is especially spooky considering just last week we were discussing all the crazy lucky breaks the Raiders have gotten with things like personnel decisions, suspensions, and injuries to top players on their upcoming opponents. I even saw a few fans joke (I hope they were joking) about how with the way things are going the Eagles are going to lose Wentz to injury.

No one should really be wishing for these kinds of things to happen and thankfully I saw none of that in the comments on this site. Injuries part of the game and it’s the worst part of it. Wentz was having a storybook kind of year in his second NFL season. He will undoubtedly be named to the Pro Bowl even though he will be unable to participate. We wish him all the best in a full recovery.

As for the Raiders, they will be preparing for the Eagles without him. But first they prepare for the Cowboys without Ezekiel Elliott (suspension).