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Raiders week 15 power rankings round-up: Silver & Black crash and burn

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Facing the 30th ranked defense without it’s best cover corner and the Raiders still managed to look inept and incapable of scoring once again. Derek Carr looked like he had never seen a pass rush before and made horrendous decisions with the ball. The result was yet another loss for the Oakland Raiders who are now 6-7 and facing a lost season. 20

Garbage performance of the week? So many analysts thought the Raiders would not only win their game against the Chiefs but make a playoff run. That includes @MJD, who was all over me on "The Power Rankings Show" about how Oakland would be the AFC West champs when it was all said and done. (As I am typing this blurb, that commercial is playing where the guy with a Raiders sweater sits at dinner with his slightly -- OK, much more than slightly -- more attractive partner and her family of Chiefs fans. Besides outkicking his coverage there, he probably could have made more plays on the K.C. secondary than Oakland's receivers.) Derek Carr should have made more plays downfield against that Chiefs defense. They've been getting torched with Marcus Peters, and he sat out Sunday's game. The season is on the line against the Cowboys this weekend.

Last Week: 15

ESPN: 19

Not a lot of breakthrough performances for the Raiders this season, but they do have one player who has had no problem literally breaking through. Marshawn Lynch, after missing a year, is averaging 2.4 yards per rush after contact, which would be the second-best rate of his career.

Last Week: 15

Washington Post: 21

Did anyone tell the Raiders that they actually were playing for first place Sunday? They looked like they were going through the motions in a playing-out-the-string game. That’s actually what it should be when .500 teams get together this late in a season. But this is the pitiable AFC West.

Last Week: 14

Bleacher Report: 21

The Oakland Raiders may have had the most disappointing performance of Week 14. They had a chance to jump ahead of the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs, but instead were dominated on both sides of the ball.

The woeful performance offensively was inexcusable. The Raiders ran the ball a bit on the opening drive but couldn't get the run game going the rest of the day. The offense finished with 268 net yards, but that's misleading because a lot of those yards came with the Raiders down 26-0 in the fourth quarter.

Those are garbage stats.

Just as worrisome is the way the defense got moved on. Kansas City was offensively efficient throughout the game.

With a tough schedule remaining, the season is effectively over for Oakland. The Raiders face the Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Chargers to close out the season, and they'll be the lesser team in each contest.

Last Week: 16

Niners Nation: 22

Last Week: 18

Yahoo: 21

Derek Carr has gone from a Ferrari to a jalopy, and it's hard to pinpoint why, other than a big mistake in changing the team's offensive coordinator and less support from his receiving corps. It's too bad, given how Marshawn Lynch has picked it up for the stretch run, likely to no avail.

Last Week: 17

Sporting News: 19

Derek Carr put it best after Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs. They sucked.

Last Week: 17

ProFootballTalk: 20

The inevitable failure to make the playoffs has arrived.

Last Week: 14

USA Today: 21

However paying your quarterback $25 million per season will buy you six wins after 13 games.

Last Week: 15

Average Ranking: 20.44

The Raiders are a dumpster fire. Jack Del Rio appears to have lost the team and even worse their franchise QB looks more like David Carr than Derek Carr. Del Rio announced Monday that OC Todd Downing will stay on which means likely nothing will change on offense, which is not good news.

Barring a miraculous turnaround, the best thing the Raiders can hope for now is better draft position. Not exactly what every Raider fan wanted to hear after being touted as a Super Bowl favorite through week 2.

Last Week: 15.67