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Thursday Night Football open thread: Broncos vs. Colts

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Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider Nation! We’re in the last weeks of the regular season now, and tonight we get the pleasure of watching the Broncos soil themselves in the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium.

If there’s one thing that would truly sum up Denver’s turd sandwich of a season, it would be to get pounded by the Colts, who are awful. Both of these teams will have top-ten draft picks in all likelihood, but the Broncos’ has the potential to be very high indeed. Which mediocre quarterback will they select, I wonder?

John Elway is desperate at this point and knows the Broncos cannot win without a quarterback originally drafted by the Colts, so he may choose to have Andrew Luck go full NWO and hit Jacoby Brissett with a steel chair, before taking off his Colts jersey to reveal a Broncos jersey underneath.

Those Colts fans can stick it, brother.

This game will be broadcast on NBC and the NFL Network and can be streamed live right here!