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NFL week 15 game picks, predictions, week 14 results

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NFL: San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I guess we were due for a tumble. After two straight weeks in which no one did worse than 12-4, all hell broke loose. The best record among the staff this week was RDreamer at 9-7 and I came in with a losing record at 7-9.

The AFC West was particularly brutal. We all had the Raiders beating the Chiefs and Jets beating the Broncos and couldn’t have been more wrong. Meanwhile I was the only one to incorrectly pick the Chargers to lose and the Texans and Colts to win. For shame!

This week I was the only one to pick the Chiefs to beat the Chargers, but we all picked the Broncos to beat the Colts and until we hear from RDreamer, we have the Raiders falling to the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

It was a rough week for everyone in game picks. Though some of the readers still came out fairly well. Topping out this week was Elk_hunter77 with 11 correct picks. That’s impressive in a week like this. It put him in second place on the overall leaderboard. Though it’s a distant second behind dafe2cat’s outstanding 140-68 mark.

Week’s best

1 Elk_hunter77 11

2 Roosky Raiders 10

2 SacBomber03 10

4 Fizzy Lifting Drinks 9

4 Raidersince87 9

4 TorinDorn4Life 9

4 805Raider 9


Overall leaderboard

1 dafe2cat 140

2 Elk_hunter77 134

2 Demnes 134

4 TorinDorn4Life 133

4 RaiderBorn 133

4 Rivers 133

7 Raidersince87 132

7 RunAMuck 132

7 EastCoastRaiderFan 132

7 RaiderMaester 132