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Raiders could face official playoff elimination today; here’s how it would happen

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to week 15 and the first weekend the Raiders could potentially see their playoff hopes officially ended. Last weekend in Kansas City, the Chiefs dealt the Raiders a blow that put their playoff hopes on life support. They followed that up with a win over the Chargers Saturday night, putting the Raiders in position to have the plug pulled.

Should the Raiders win tonight against the Cowboys, they would pull to 7-7 and still alive (barely). And they could know before kickoff if they will be playing for their playoff lives tonight or not.

Here’s what would have to happen, and it very well could happen. All that need happen is for Baltimore to beat Cleveland (likely), Cincinnati to lose to Minnesota (likely), and Tennessee to beat San Francisco (very possible).

The Ravens and Bengals play in the early slate and the Titans are among the afternoon games. So, by the time the Raiders kickoff at 5:30 pm in Oakland, they will know whether a loss would pull the plug on the season or not. Either way, they know they can’t afford to lose this one as there is little to no room for error regardless.