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NFL playoff picture: Raiders hanging by a thread

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite yet another loss, Oakland still clings to the faintest of hopes for the playoffs. The scenarios are getting more and more unlikely and would require more and more miracles but they still technically have a chance. Again they still have to win games which they have not done lately but there is still some distance hope for the Raiders.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (8-6)

The Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers in a game that likely determined 1st place in the AFC West.

Los Angeles Chargers (7-7)

With the AFC West on the line they imploded and as a result they are now in 2nd place and likely have lost the West.

Oakland Raiders (6-8)

Derek Carr fumbling the ball into the end zone was the most 2017 Raider thing that could have happened and perfectly sums up the struggles of this season.

Denver Broncos (5-9)

They snapped their losing streak by beating the New York Jets 23-0 but still remain in the AFC West basement.

Division leaders

1. Steelers (11-3)

2. Patriots (11-3)

3. Jacksonville (10-4)

4. Chiefs (8-6)

Wild Card Teams in Order

5. Tennessee Titans (8-6)

The Titans lost again this week, this time to the suddenly up and coming San Francisco 49ers led by Jimmy Garappolo 25-23.

6. Buffalo Bills (8-6)

The Bills added another win to continue to press their cause for the last wild card spot by beating the Dolphins 24-16.

7. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)

Baltimore got back on track after last weeks loss by putting a W in the win column against the winless Cleveland Browns 27-10

8. Los Angeles Chargers (7-7)

Lost a must win game against the Chiefs and now need lots of help for a shot at the playoffs.

9. Oakland Raiders (6-8)

Still clinging on by nothing more than a hope and a prayer because that is all the chance they have of making it.

10. Miami Dolphins (6-8)

Miami, like Oakland, is barely alive.


The Raiders didn’t deserve to lose this last game, they played well enough against a tough opponent to win. unfortunately they didn’t play well enough to also beat the referees and their folded index cards. Leaving them still officially having a chance but that chance is closer to the average persons chances of winning the lottery than it is to reality.