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Raiders week 15 snap counts: Center Rodney Hudson played every snap vs Cowboys despite kidney stone

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Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

A few hours before the Raiders were to take on the Cowboys, their Pro Bowl center was added to the injury report with an unknown illness. He would end up starting the game and saw every single offensive snap with no signs he was suffering from anything. Monday Jack Del Rio revealed what that illness was — kidney stones.

“I want to relay a story about incredible grit and toughness and determination to be there for his teammates yesterday,” Del Rio said to lead out his Monday press conference. “Rodney Hudson yesterday had a kidney stone that he was having significant pain with in the lead-up to the game and he was able to somehow tough it out. . .

“Pretty remarkable for a guy to be there for his teammates. And there was never a doubt. It was like ‘Hey, are you gonna be ok?’ and he was like “I’m playing.’ So, from the very beginning he was like ‘I’m going. I’m gonna be there.’ I just wanted to point it out because I really admire when guys go above and beyond like that.”

Remarkable is putting it lightly. Kidney stones are no joke. They are incredibly painful and for Hudson to play through that pain while keeping his wits about him and performing his duties with no visible signs of it is really something.