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Raiders week 16 power rankings round-up: Another chapter of a sad season

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After yet another loss the Raiders season is one that just will not end soon enough for Raiders fans. While technically still in the race for the last wild card spot the Raiders have a better chance of staying in Oakland than making the playoffs. They seem to be settling in among the NFL’s bottom third. 21

The Raiders' playoff hopes went down with one of the odder passages from the NFL rulebook, and a crusty notecard stuck in the pocket of Gene Steratore. Welcome to pro football in 2017. Although, in regard to the Derek Carr fumble/touchback and the notecard, it should be noted that Oakland enjoyed a pot full of luck, too. For example, Carr, in the face of a rush, throwing a ball up for grabs that fell perfectly into Raiders receiver Seth Roberts' hands. That play set up a touchdown from Michael Crabtree. Then, on the ill-fated drive that activated the little-seen touchback rule on an offensive fumble through the end zone, Carr got a gimme PI on an underthrown deep ball. Not that it was a horrible call, but quarterbacks are too often bailed out on poor vertical throws. Either way, the bizarre loss to Dallas almost perfectly encapsulated what has been an inexplicable regression for the Raiders this season, through the prism of an imperfect rulebook.

Last Week: 20

ESPN: 19

Marshawn Lynch (5): Although Pro Bowl No. 6 probably isn't in the cards for Lynch this year, he has done well after a season off from the game. He's averaging 2.4 yards per rush after contact, which is the sixth-best average among qualified rushers.

Last Week: 19

Washington Post: 24

The Raiders shouldn’t be upset with referee Gene Steratore’s use of an index card to measure a Cowboys’ first down Sunday night. They should be mad at themselves for botching their final drive with QB Derek Carr’s fumble through the end zone. The Raiders remain a major disappointment and their nonwinning season could add Coach Jack Del Rio’s employment status to the list of uncertainties engulfing the franchise.

Last Week: 21

Bleacher Report: 22

What can I say? This was a typical 2017 Oakland Raiders loss.

The Raiders didn't play well all night against the Dallas Cowboys, but they still had a chance to win at the end. In a microcosm of the season, quarterback Derek Carr wasn't able to create the magic we saw in 2016. His fumble into the end zone capped off a loss that easily could have been a win.

The Raiders are one of the most disappointing stories of the year. There's going to be a lot of work to do in the offseason. Coaches and players, Oakland needs help everywhere.

Last Week: 21

Niners Nation: 23

Last Week: 22

Yahoo: 20

Gene Steratore’s white sheet of paper could lead to Jack Del Rio’s pink slip.

Last Week: 20

Sporting News: 19

The Raiders have too much offensive talent to be as bad as they are.

Last Week: 19

ProFootballTalk: 20

Gene Steratore’s white sheet of paper could lead to Jack Del Rio’s pink slip.

Last Week: 20

USA Today: 20

Even if he's pressing at this point, we admire Derek Carr's accountability. But expect questions about his ability to follow him into offseason.

Last Week: 21

Average Ranking: 20.88

The loss against Dallas was just a perfect summation to this season, so much talent and yet just coming up short. The Raiders look lost on offense and are making the easy things look hard, look for them to move on from OC Todd Downing after the season.

Last Week: 20.44