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Has Jack Del Rio learned his lesson about assistant coaches?

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A report says Jack Del Rio is looking to bring in proven coordinators following this season.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Like it or not, Raider Nation is stuck with head coach Jack Del Rio, who just signed a four-year extension last offseason. Owner Mark Davis doesn’t have the money to pay two coaches with the players that will soon require big contracts to stay with the team.

Del Rio has the swagger and hard-nosed image to make the perfect Raiders head coach. He also has the guts to go for it on fourth down and for two-point conversions to win on the road late. But he needs proven coordinators as he is not an X’s and O’s guy.

He has fired 22 assistants in his 11-plus years as an NFL head coach. His latest . eing defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr., was what many of his players said was a scapegoat move. This offseason Del Rio also inexplicably didn’t bring back offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave back despite his offense ranking No. 6 in the NFL in 2016.

That move isn’t working out so far either as newly-hired Todd Downing isn’t doing the now 19th ranked offense any favors. According to a report by Jason LaCanfora of CBS, players are growing frustrated with Downing and he hasn’t endeared himself to many in the building, which is expected to lead to the Raiders to make a change.

He has to do something amazing with the offense for the rest of this season to keep his job beyond that. The report added that Del Rio is likely to look for more proven coaches on both sides of the ball.

Does this mean Del Rio has finally learned his lesson about assistant coaches?

A proven coordinator is not often to be found on a coaching staff led by Del Rio. Such a coordinator isn’t going to stand for getting micromanaged. So especially on the defensive side, it will be interesting to see who ends up being his coordinators.