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Jack Del Rio updates status of Rodney Hudson, why Raiders activated center James Stone this week

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Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders

This week the Raiders called up center James Stone from the practice leading to the inevitable question of what it meant for the status of Rodney Hudson.

The Pro Bowl center played last week with a kidney stone. He would need to get that taken care of, making his status a bit uncertain this week. The activation of Stone further raised questions. But Jack Del Rio revealed Thursday that is isn’t the status of Hudson that was the reason for the roster move.

“He’s a pretty tough guy,” Del Rio said of Hudson. “I would say that chances [of playing] are pretty good, yeah.”

“[Jon] Feliciano is the really the main reason,” Del Rio continued. “Feliciano’s the one that’s not gonna practice today. He’s the one that’s the biggest question mark.”

Feliciano was questionable last week with a concussion and was a go, playing nine snaps on special teams. It sounds as if he suffered an undisclosed injury in that time in the game, leading the team to add Stone to be sure they have a reserve center available.