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NFL week 16 game picks, predictions, week 15 results

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We are approaching the end of the season as teams jockey for playoff positions while others play out their way to the offseason. The staff is also jockeying for the best record and it’s a dead heat.

Currently RDreamer and myself are tied for the best record with Marcus a couple games back. RDreamer worked his way back to a tie for the top spot in part by being the only one to believe in the legend of Goatoppolo. And in part by he and Marcus predicting the NFL would screw over the Steelers at the end to hand the Patriots another undeserved. I hope you’re happy with your tainted pick, guys (fart noise).

This week our picks are shockingly similar. Only two games are we not unanimous selections. I was the only one to pick the Bears to beat the Browns and Marcus was the one to pick Seattle to win in Dallas.

We all have the Raiders to fall in Philly.

We had a 15-1 record among the readers. TorinDorn4Life did it. And it moved him into sole possession of second on the season leaderboard. But dafe2cat has a commanding lead.

Week’s best

1 TorinDorn4Life 15

2 RaiderBorn 14

2 Bay Bombers 14

2 uk_raider 14

2 The Shaman 14

13 were tied with a 13-3 mark.

Overall leaderboard

1 dafe2cat 153

2 TorinDorn4Life 148

3 RaiderBorn 147

4 EastCoastRaiderFan 145

4 Rivers 145

4 Demnes 145

4 Elk_hunter77 145

8 805Raider 144

8 RunAMuck 144

10 Bay Bombers 142

10 LivingLegnd 142

10 ED35 142

10 Raidersince87 142