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NFL playoff picture: Here is what must happen for Monday’s Raiders game against Eagles to matter

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Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

As we know, the Raiders have an extremely slim chance of making the playoffs. A lot of scenarios would have to occur for them to get in.

If you are still holding out hope the Raiders could sneak into the playoffs, there are a few things that need to happen. First and foremost, they would need to win Monday night in Philly. But by then, it may not even matter. To have the Raiders taking the field with even a shred of hope still left for the playoffs, these things must happen:

Patriots must beat Bills

Rams must beat Titans

Dolphins must beat Chiefs

The first two seem very likely to occur. The third is far less likely, though certainly possible. Should any one of the Bills, Titans or Chiefs win Sunday, the Raiders playoff hopes would be over.

It would figure the Raiders playoff hopes would again hinge on a game in Kansas City, considering the Raiders were dealt major blows there the past two seasons; first keeping them from winning the division in 2016, and then essentially ending their realistic playoff hopes two weeks ago.

In addition, Raiders fans should be rooting for the Ravens to beat the Colts in the early game on Saturday, because the final piece to the Raiders’ playoff hopes requires the Ravens win one of their final two games.

As for the Eagles, they have clinched a playoff spot, but whether they have clinched the number one seed will depend on what happens Saturday night between the Vikings and Packers. Should the Packers win, the Eagles will clinch the number one seed and could rest their starters if they wanted to. Should the Vikings win, the Eagles must still go for the win Monday in order to secure that top seed.

It’s complicated. And by midday Sunday we should know whether the game in Philadelphia will mean anything for either or both teams.