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Report: Raiders firing Todd Downing ‘near certainty’, Jack Del Rio return a ‘coin flip’

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The worse the Raiders look the later into the season, the more the odds heads will roll rise. The latest report comes from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk who says Del Rio’s job may not be as secure as previously thought and Todd Downing is pretty much a dead man walking (so to speak).

Del Rio’s job is at a 50-50 shot, or a ‘coin flip’ according to the report. This despite his having signed an extension prior to this season that has him under contract through 2020.

The offense this season under Downing has been a travesty. It has fallen from a top five juggernaut that was responsible for 12 wins last season, to a bottom five unit this season, leading to 8 losses already on course for potentially double digit losses by the end of the season.

The playoffs are already a stretch, and they could be officially out of contention before they even play Monday night, but how they perform over the final two games could have some bearing on whether Del Rio and Downing are back. Another disaster on the road in Philadelphia or in Los Angeles like the Raiders’ last two game away from Oakland in Mexico City and Kansas City and a housecleaning may be necessary.

With any coaching decision, it could also depend on who is out there who would be a suitable replacement. If you’ll recall, the Raiders held onto Dennis Allen after the 2013 season due in part to little interest in taking on a team in the middle of deconstruction. This team is far more desirable with several young foundation pieces in place and proven success. The right coach could take them a long way.