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How games outcomes affect Raiders draft position and what fans should root for

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With any discussion of playoffs for the Raiders now officially done, we move onto draft implications. The Raiders were sitting at 12 in the draft order coming into this weekend’s games.

In order to improve that position, they must, of course, lose out, but unless the tams ahead of them in the order lose as well, they will stay where they are. Some games have already been played.

Positive outcomes:

Bears beat Browns

Bengals beat Lions

These wins improve the Bears record to 5-10 and the Bengals to 6-9. This means a Raiders loss Monday will move them up at least one spot in the draft order, putting them at 11 with the top ten in reach.

Negative outcomes:

Panthers beat Buccaneers

Washington beat Broncos

Chargers beat Jets

There are a couple games this afternoon which could affect the Raiders draft position. Get ready to cheer on your cross-bay rivals.

What to root for:

49ers over Jaguars

Cardinals over NY Giants