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NFL playoff picture: Chiefs beat Dolphins, officially eliminating Raiders from playoff contention

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We knew coming into today that a lot of things had to happen to keep the Raiders playoff hopes alive. One of them didn’t go the Raiders way. The Chiefs took down the Dolphins 29-13 in Kansas City which officially eliminates the Raiders from playoff contention.

The best the Raiders can do at this point is to finish 8-8 should they beat the Eagles Monday night and the Chargers in the finale. They can’t win the division and finishing 8-8 won’t be enough to grab a wildcard spot.

It’s befitting a Chiefs win in Kansas City officially end it for the Raiders considering the recent history between the two teams in games in Kansas City.

Last season when the Raiders played in Kansas City, the two teams were battling for the top spot in the division. Then Derek Carr had the worst game of his career, the Raiders were swept by the Chiefs, and lost the tiebreaker, causing the Raider to fall from the two seed to the five seed.

Two weeks ago, when the Raiders played in Kansas City, it was the most crucial game of the season for them. At that point they were in a three-way tie atop the AFC West and were still in control of their own destiny with a shot at winning the division. Carr had an even worse game than he had the season before and the Raiders lost badly.

The loss not only left them with extremely long odds of getting in the playoffs, but showed they had no business even being in the conversation. A loss to the Cowboys last week all but eliminated the Raiders. Now it’s official, even before they take the field Monday night in Philadelphia against an Eagles team that does have something to play for.