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Raiders week 16 report card at Eagles: Offense again fizzles

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Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The offense again failed to provide the defense with help as the Oakland Raiders fell to the Philadelphia Eagles 19-10. The score was closer than most Raiders fans imagined as the defense played well enough to win. Unfortunately the offense has completely lost its identity and QB Derek Carr appears to have lost his confidence.

Unfortunate for their pride that they lost but it definitely will help when it matters at the 2018 NFL Draft.

Passing offense

Derek Carr is going to need an offensive guru to get him back on track. Todd Downing has broken the once mighty leader of the Oakland Raiders. In a game about pride the Raiders managed 140 yards passing, 63 of which occurred on one play to Amari Cooper.

Amari Cooper finished with 66 yards receiving and a TD on 3 receptions, while Michael Crabtree did not record a catch. Derek Carr had a chance to be a hero and win the game and instead threw the 2nd of his Interceptions of the game. Oaklands offense is broken and will need to be completely rebuilt this off-season, the question is who will it be?

Grade: F

The passing offense is just plain bad, the play calling and personnel is predictable. Everything about the passing offense is misfiring and it’s mostly because the route concepts are too basic and non-complimentary. Todd Downing created a real mess of what could have been a special offense and it’s going to lead to a change in the off-season.

Rushing offense

Marshawn Lynch carried an anemic offense to the tune of 25 carries for 95 yards. Once the Raiders started running up the middle Lynch began churning out the hard yards little by little. He single handedly kept the Raiders offense from completely embarrassing itself but both he and Jalen Richard fumbled at crucial times.

Grade: B-

Lynch and the Raiders rushing attack rushed for more yards than any team this year has against the #1 rush defense. The rush attack was able to put up 137 yards on 33 carries for an impressive 4.2 ypc. Despite the fact that the run game had absolutely no help from the passing game but no excuses for the 2 fumbles in a game that was never more than a 1 score game.

Pass Defense

The pass defense was on for Monday Night Football and did everything they were asked of and more. The Oakland secondary and pass rush were on all night and allowed only 1 TD while recording 1 Int and 2 sacks. Nick Foles isn’t Carson Wentz but he just hung 4 TD’s on the New York Giants in week 15.

The defensive line harassed Nick Foles from the opening whistle until the final one and kept the team in this game off shear will and no help from the offense. DC John Pagano has really turned this defense around and should be a lock to return in 2018. Pagano and the defense have become a strength of the team, exactly as nobody had expected but a pleasant surprise for Raiders fans nonetheless.

Grade: A

The TD they gave up hurt the score a little but I refuse to give them less than an A for this performance. It was a prime time game and they came to play and they deserved to win. Unfortunately the passing offense showed up too and they didn’t deserve to even be in the same building.

Run Defense

The run defense was far from shut down but they did enough to win as well giving up only 78 yards rushing on 21 carries for a 3.7 ypc average. The longest run on the night for the Eagles were only 14 and 12 yards and the run defense did not give up a single rushing TD. Justin Ellis continued his impressive season by shutting down run lane after run lane with the help of Denico Autry.

Grade: A

When you hold the #2 rushing team to only 78 yards when they typically average almost double you deserve an A and a W. See passing offense for why they didn’t get that W.

Special Teams

Oh boy, Giorgio had another rough week and it cost his team the game. K Giorgio Tavecchio missed a field goal that could have been the difference between overtime and a hook and ladder play that gets fumbled and returned for a TD. That’s how significant that miss was, while Punter Marquette King was unremarkable getting only 1 of his 5 punts inside the 20.

Grade: D

Special teams matched the intensity of their anemic cohorts in the passing game and promptly helped lose the game. The Raiders have just had one of those seasons that just keeps snowballing on them. Mercifully it ends after next weekend.


Jack Del Rio has not done himself any favors for returning as the Raiders Head Coach in 2018. Once a foregone conclusion Del Rio has put some question into whether or not he could get the axe after the season. Keeping the score close certainly helps his case so I hope he bought DC John Pagano an entire barrel of his preferred drink for Christmas.


Pagano: A

Del Rio & Downing: F

John Pagano gets his own grade he has done an impressive job turning around a train wreck of a defense. Jack Del Rio and Todd Downing on the other hand not so much. Downing turned in another ridiculous game and Jack again continues to baffle whether he understands what’s wrong with the team or just is too polite to say.