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Raiders week 16 power rankings round-up

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders were finally eliminated from the playoffs after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Miami Dolphins. Making Oaklands latest loss to the Philadelphia Eagles sting just a little less as it means a better draft position. At this point the Raiders best case scenario is to lose to San Diego as well. 21

Santa gave the Raiders a Christmas stocking full of bricks and JaMarcus Russell bobbleheads. It's not been their year. It's not been Derek Carr's year. Mind-boggling, really. Oakland's promising quarterback was often discussed as a dark-horse MVP candidate last season, a player whom Vader's team could ill afford to lose. That viewpoint morphed from opinion to axiom when Oakland was throttled in the playoffs sans Carr. This season? Carr's been off, his protection's been off and his receivers have been off the reservation. Both Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree recorded 1,000-yard campaigns last year. They've managed 1,166 yards combined this year. The Christmas night defeat makes two straight losses snatched from the jaws of victory.

Last Week: 21

ESPN: 20

9.5 wins: Last year's 12-4 campaign seemed like a sign of brighter days ahead for the Raiders, but 2017 is making 2016 look like an aberration. Oakland's offense is averaging six points fewer per game this season, which has led to a 14th non-winning season in the past 15 years.

Last Week: 19

CBS Sports: 20

They showed some fight in Philadelphia Monday night, but this is still a disappointing season. Jack Del Rio will likely be back.

Last Week: 19

Bleacher Report: 21

The Oakland Raiders deserve credit for playing tough Monday night at Lincoln Financial Field. Marshawn Lynch—who is still in unreal physical shape—was fantastic, and the offensive line did its part. The problem is that offensive coordinator Todd Downing didn't do his.

Derek Carr has played below-average ball, and against the Philadelphia Eagles, he missed too many throws again. Too often, we've seen the ball die before it reaches its target. This isn't the same quarterback we saw last year. If Carr doesn't clean up his lower-body mechanics, his subpar play will continue.

In my mind, the Raiders need to abandon ship on this coaching staff and find a new culture. This will be a critical offseason for Oakland.

Last Week: 22

Niners Nation: 24

Last Week: 23

Yahoo: 23

Derek Carr’s regression this season has been troubling. He has thrown twice as many interceptions as last season and his rating has dropped more than 10 points. Perhaps he never fully recovered from a back injury early in the season. Offensive coordinator Todd Downing might be to blame. Whatever the reason, next season will be a crucial one for Carr.

Last Week: 21

Sporting News: 21

Whether or not Jack Del Rio remains the Raiders coach, there will be some staff changes next year.

Last Week: 19

ProFootballTalk: 23

If Derek Carr is worth $25 million per year, what’s Aaron Rodgers worth?

Last Week: 20

USA Today: 20

Who would have thought two months ago that Oakland might be the Bay Area team with more quarterback questions entering 2018?

Last Week: 20

Average Ranking: 21.44

Another week and another loss for the 2017 Oakland Raiders, the bright side is they were already eliminated from the playoffs and this helped their draft slot. At this point The Raiders will try to win their last game but they shouldn’t because all they can do is get a worse draft slot. Guys like Reggie Nelson should get few snaps in the last game and the young guys should start getting looks.

Last Week: 20.88