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NFL draft order 2018: Raiders nearing top ten, in range of 7th overall pick

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are enough teams tanking the remainder of the season that even with the Raiders’ three-game losing streak, they having moved a whole lot in the draft order. But their range has gone from basically wide open, to a much smaller window.

If the season ended today, the Raiders are in line for the 11th overall pick. They can pick as high as the 7th overall pick and as low as 13th depending on how things go in the season finale in Los Angeles with the rival Chargers on New Year’s Eve.

Already, the winless Browns have locked up the number one overall pick. Even if they somehow were to win in the finale, they would still have the worst record by at least a game over the 2-win Giants.

Here is what the full range from picks 1-14 looks like right now.

1 Browns 0-15 (0.5167)

2 Giants 2-13 (0.5333)

3 Colts 3-12 (0.4833)

4 Texans (pick belongs to CLE) 4-11 (0.5083)

5 Buccaneers 4-11 (0.5583)

6 Broncos 5-10 (0.4833)

t-7 49ers 5-10 (0.5208)

t-7 Jets 5-10 (0.5208)

9 Bears 5-10 (0.5583)

10 Bengals 6-9 (.4667)

11 Raiders 6-9 (0.5083)

12 Dolphins 6-9 (0.5417)

13 Cardinals 7-8 (0.4875)

t-14 Washington 7-8 (0.5375)

t-14 Packers 7-8 (0.5375)