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NFL playoff picture: Now out of playoff contention, Raiders look to play spoilers to division rival Chargers

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Long before their last loss the Raiders were mercifully eliminated from the playoffs when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins 29-13. Oakland lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 19-10 but it was actually a blessing in disguise as they are now jockeying for draft position. It’s now officially the time of the year where Oakland attempts to ensure other teams are watching from home too, and next up is their division rival Chargers.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)

The Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins 29-13 and clinched the AFC West in the process.

Los Angeles Chargers (8-7)

The Los Angeles Chargers kept their wild card hopes alive with a win against the New York Jets 14-7.

Oakland Raiders (6-9)

Five turnovers in the game including two picks from Derek Carr who only managed 140 yards passing, 63 of which came on his lone TD to Amari Cooper in a 19-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Denver Broncos (5-10)

Denver lost their 10th game of the season falling to Washington 11-27.

Division leaders

1. Steelers (12-3)

2. Patriots (12-3)

3. Jacksonville (10-5)

4. Chiefs (9-6)

Wild Card teams in order

5. Baltimore Ravens (9-6)

Baltimore beat the Indianapolis Colts 23-16 to maintain it’s lead in the hunt for a wild card spot.

6. Tennessee Titans (8-7)

The Titans lost to the Los Angeles Rams 23-27 and appear to be in real danger of losing their clutch on the final wild card spot.

7. Los Angeles Chargers (8-7)

Won this week keeping their hopes alive, they need to beat Oakland next week along with needing the Titans to lose.

8. Buffalo Bills (8-7)

Buffalo lost handily to the New England Patriots 16-37 and may have cost themselves a spot in the playoffs.


All the Raiders have left is to win for pride and to attempt to play spoiler by ending the hopes of the division rival Chargers as a consolation prize for a rough season. Oakland will have some very real soul searching to do in the off-season as they let their fans down mightily this season but for now it’s “who’s coming with me?”