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No Raiders game day parking at UNLV in joint use agreement, leaving still major unresolved issue

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Raiders will have to keep seeking parking elsewhere for game days in Las Vegas.

One of the long standing issues facing the Raiders Las Vegas stadium construction plans is parking. Clark County requires the 65,000-seat complex have 16,250 spaces available and the lot will accommodate just 2400 spaces, leaving 85% of the parking elsewhere.

They must find a solution to this problem for the stadium to be certified. And that certification must happen before the project can break ground. And, no, I don’t mean ground breaking ceremonies, which the team held during the bye week this season.

One potential solution was for fans to park at UNLV, three miles up the road. But UNLV has said no way in their joint-use agreement revealed today, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

There is a tight 30-month construction window which leaves no room for delays if the stadium is to open on schedule for the 2020 season. That window starts next month. We’re talking, like a week from now. That would mean they have to figure this out very soon or the whole project could be delayed. There will be a special Nevada Board of Regents meeting held on Jan. 4.

The Raiders are actively seeking parcels of land off-site for several parking areas from which shuttles would bus fans to the stadium. Prices of plots of land around the lot the stadium site began skyrocketing the moment that lot was even considered a possibility, which means the parking areas will not be especially close by if/when they are able to secure them.