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Raiders embattled corner Gareon Conley defends former teammate Eli Apple amid ‘cancer’ accusations

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Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Teammates stick together. Well, sometimes they do. In the case of Eli Apple, he had one current teammate call him a cancer and a former teammate come to his defense.

Apple has earned the nickname of ‘Bad Apple’ of late since his antics with the New York Giants this season has had the former top pick considered a pariah this season and rendered a healthy scratch by the team for several games.

One of those games was three weeks ago against the Raiders when, despite the team losing Janoris Jenkins for the season that week, Apple was inactive for the game. He was inactive for four straight weeks, in fact, returning to the lineup the past two weeks.

Then this week his fellow Giants defensive back Landon Collins had about the strongest words you’ll ever hear from a teammate.

“There is only one corner who needs to grow up and we all know who that is,” Collins said on 98.7 FM in New York, via Jordan Ranaan of “That would be the only person I would change out of our secondary group. Besides, the other two guys, [Dominique Rodgers-Cromarie] and [Janoris Jenkins], I love those two guys. They play hard. They love what they do. That first pick ... He’s a cancer.”

Collins later apologized for this statement, but when media wished to talk with him about it, he avoided them, saying loudly “I gotta take a shit!”, prompting the Giants to officially suspend him for the team’s season finale.

This sparking character earned the defense of former Ohio State teammate Gareon Conley, saying, among other things “ain’t no way he a cancer. . . the real know wassup.”

Powerful and eloquent words that would undoubtedly make his English professors at THE Ohio State brim with pride.

Sounds like Conley would like to wear silver helmets with Apple again. Though adding a “cancer” to the Raiders’ locker room is probably not the best idea. The Giants would probably be unlikely to do any more than attempt a trade for Apple.

Conley himself has had his judgment come into question before every even suiting up for the Raiders, who made him their selection at 24 overall despite allegations of sexual assault.

Those allegations never resulted in charges being brought, which proved the Raiders’ judgment of the situation correct. Where there are still questions are in his judgment to put himself in that situation in the first place. Then later his judgment when he unintentionally called out General Manager Reggie McKenzie for saying he had shin splints.

Those shin splints, or whatever it was, had him out all of training camp, see action in just two games and miss the rest of the season, eventually landing on injured reserve with the mystery injury.

It’s enough to make the Raiders or any team think twice about taking a chance on a former Buckeye corner. Regardless of what Todd McShay says.