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Rams may be doing Raiders a big favor this week

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The Rams are making some personnel decisions this week that could be of help to the Raiders.

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the Raiders playing out a losing season, there isn’t much left to hope for but higher draft picks. Right now they sit at 11th in the draft order. Combined with a Raiders loss, several teams must win in order for them to move up. One of those teams is the 49ers.

Headed to Los Angeles to play a tough Rams team might seem like a tough task even for the suddenly resurgent 49ers. That task was made all the more easy by the Rams clinching the NFC West and opting to rest their starters in preparation to host a wild card game.

The 49ers have won four straight games and should they win their season finale and the Raiders lose, they would drop below the Raiders in the draft order. Yes, yes, I know it’s difficultm bordering on ‘no effing way’ for you to root for the 49ers to win. But come April, you’ll be glad they’re sitting behind the Raiders in the draft order.

Here are all the outcomes the Raiders should be rooting for this week in terms of draft position:

49ers over Rams

Jets over Patriots

Bears over Vikings

Bengals over Ravens

The Jets and Bears have basically a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning in their final games. The Jets are facing a Patriots team looking to lock up home field advantage throughout and the Bears are facing the Vikings who are battling to secure the two seed and a first round bye.

So, while mathematically it’s possible for the Raiders to jump to the 7th overall pick in the draft, realistically 9th is their best bet.

Should the Raiders win, they could select as low as 13th overall. Then again, if the Dolphins beat the Bills and the Cardinals beat the Seahawks, the Raiders could win and still stay right where they are in the draft order.