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NFL week 17 game picks, predictions, week 16 results

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last game of the season, folks. That means it’s also division rival week. It’s coming down the wire among the staff with just a game separating each of us. Last week’s picks were some of the best of the season, with two 13-3 and a 12-4 mark.

I jumped just ahead of RDreamer in part by being the only one to predict the Browns would lose. A strange prediction, I know.

This week we have 11 unanimous picks, but the Raiders aren’t one of them. Marcus thinks the Raiders go out with a bang, stopping their three-game slide in LA. Me and RDreamer don’t see it that way.

Even as good as 13-3 is, there were a lot of readers who did better this week. Six readers, in fact, came in with a 14-2 record. In the overall, dafe2cat has a commanding 5-game lead that will be hard to surpass in the final week. I’m just hoping to finish in the top ten.

Week’s best

Englsh Raider 14

HighlanRaider 14

Raider208 14

805Raider 14

InReggieWeTrust 14

The Shaman 14

14 were tied at 13

Overall leaderboard

1 dafe2cat 166

2 TorinDorn4Life 161

3 RaiderBorn 160

4 805Raider 158

4 Rivers 158

4 Demnes 158

4 Elk_hunter77 158

8 EastCoastRaiderFan 157

9 RunAMuck 156

10 Bay Bombers 155