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Raiders reported interest in Jon Gruden includes rumored interest in Rich Gannon as QB coach; each calling Raiders final two games of 2017

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SiriusXM At Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Among the more interesting details in the reported interest in the Raiders hiring Jon Gruden as their next head coach is what Gruden is said to be doing to attempt to fill out his staff. The most interesting being his rumored interest in hiring Rich Gannon as his quarterbacks coach.

Nothing is close to certain with Gruden, let alone Gannon, but if that all somehow came to pass, the two would be reunited from their glory days in Oakland.

Back in 1999, Gruden’s second season as head coach of the Raiders, he made 34-year-old journeyman QB Rich Gannon his signal caller. The two would take the Raiders to heights they hadn’t seen since their 1983 Super Bowl season and have not reached since.

For that reason, there’s no one Gruden would trust to coach his QB’s than Gannon.

It was Gannon who, in late 2014 when the Raiders were looking for a new head coach, he appeared on Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game, where he discussed Gruden’s love for the Raiders and a potential return to coaching.

"I think he's gonna coach," Gannon said of Gruden. "I think he wants to coach, but he's in a great situation. He's making a ton of money at ESPN, he's watching his kids grow up, he's getting to spend more time around the home which I think has been important to him and to Cindy. But trust me, I've had conversations with him. We seem to have them every off-season. He talks about he still has a desire to come back and coach and how competitive he is. And you know what's interesting is he still loves the Raiders.”

Both Gruden and Gannon have gone onto post-NFL careers in the booth — Gannon as a CBS analyst and Gruden an ESPN Monday Night Football analyst.

That’s where is especially interesting wrinkle comes into play. Today’s game will air on CBS and called by the team of Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon. Six days after Gruden called the Raiders game in Philadelphia on Monday Night Football.

The rumblings about Gruden’s interest in returning to coaching began prior to last week’s game, so many were listening to see if they could find hidden meaning in how he spoke of the Raiders. You can bet there will be some who listen for similar from Gannon. Though I doubt he would be asked to address it directly, it makes for some good fodder.