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Watch: Raiders storm back vs Chargers with 87-yard bomb from Derek Carr to Amari Cooper

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Not much of anything happened in the first quarter between the Chargers and Raiders. But come the second quarter, it got pretty exciting. First it was the Chargers, who, starting at their own 1-yard line, ran for 27 yards on four carries.

Their success on the ground continued with Melvin Gordon going up the middle for a first down run. At the end of it, Reggie Nelson punched the ball out, just as he did with Jay Ajayi last week in Philadelphia. But this time, the ball popped right into the arms of Keenan Allen who ran for a touchdown.

Down 0-7, the Raiders needed an answer. That answer started by losing 12 yards, putting them in third and 22. That’s when this happened.

Just as he did last week, Amari Cooper got open behind the defense. This time he went 87 yards for the touchdown to tie the game back up at 7-7.