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Raiders vs. Chargers second half open thread

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Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It’s a good thing the Raiders won’t benefit in any way from winning this game, because it sure doesn’t look like they want to win. The Chargers are on top 20-10 at the half after Derek Carr threw an interception in the end zone with under two minutes left and the Chargers went right down the field to score a touchdown before the half.

Where the Raiders have shined today has been on special teams. They have blocked two kicks and Marquette King punted inside the Chargers 1-yard line. Of course, they scored anyway.

The Raiders’ defense hasn’t been able to generate any pressure, but they have been on the field a lot due to the offense’s ineptitude. The 87-yard pass from Carr to Amari Cooper gave the Raiders their only touchdown and has been their lone offensive highlight thus far.

Let’s see if the Raiders can come back in the second half and stick it to the Chargers.