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Adam Schefter: ‘Jon Gruden is going to be the next coach of the Oakland Raiders’

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18th Annual ESPY Awards - Arrivals Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for ESPY

When Adam Schefter sounds this sure of something, you listen. Shortly after Mark Davis fired Jack Del Rio as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Schefter went on Sports Center and said with conviction that Jon Gruden is going to be the next head coach in Oakland.

“It’s simple; you don’t make that move with Jack Del Rio unless you know you can get Jon Gruden,” said Schefter. “Jon Gruden is going to be the next coach of the Oakland Raiders. The only question is when it happens.”

Quite a bold statement. He’s not saying it’s a done deal. In fact, he’s saying it isn’t. But he’s saying it will be in short order.

“Again, you don’t make that move the way that [Mark Davis] does today... You don’t make that move without knowing that you’re convinced that you can get Jon Gruden.

“And what was interesting yesterday was that in doing that story with Mort [Chris Mortensen] is usually when you do a story, you meet some blowback and some resistance. Some people say ‘Hey, you sure about that?’ There was never a single ounce of blowback on that story. Not one bit.

“Listen, Jon has always had an affinity for Oakland and the owner has had an affinity for him. The owner has made other runs at him in the past. This is not the first time that he has pursued Jon Gruden. But the more that you spoke to people, the more that they were convinced that Jon would re-enter coaching this year. That he was preparing to get back into at some point and it was getting closer and closer. And I think in this particular case, Mark Davis made a run and is preparing to make a run, whenever they put together the offer, that he cannot turn down. Period.”

Well, alright then.