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Raiders week 13 Ballers & Busters vs Giants: Part two

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All day the Raiders were having to make up for the missteps of these guys.

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images


Jalen Richard

You won’t see many worse days on a football field than Richard had Sunday. The first time he saw the ball he fumbled it. It was on the Giants punt. Luckily Keith McGill recovered it. Next time he saw the ball, he muffed it. Luckily he was able to track it down and recover it, but got just two yards on the return.

The second quarter, he began with a false start. Later in the quarter, he let a ball go, allowing it to bounce at the 18-yard-line as if it was going to continue for a touchback. It bounced a few times and Richard was unable to keep the gunner from getting to it to down it at the one-yard-line.

Just for good measure, on the final play of the third quarter, Richard muffed another punt – his third of the game – and again he was lucky to have McGill there to recover it.

Jamize Olawale

Another major blunder on the special teams came from Olawale. That punt Richard allowed to be downed at the one, led to the Raiders punting in the shadow of their own goal line. Marquette King didn’t even get his foot on the ball, before he had a man in his face because Olawale missed his block. King was tackled at the 9-yard-line and it took Khalil Mack’s strip sack to keep the Giants from scoring and either tying or taking the lead before half time.

That wasn’t Olawale’s only mistake. Early in the second quarter, he missed his block on fourth and one to get Marshawn Lynch stuffed for a loss and the Raiders turning the ball over on downs.

After the game, Jack Del Rio talked about Cordarrelle Patterson’s 59-yard tunnel screen play that set up the Raiders’ final score. In so doing, he mentioned that the team had attempted the same play earlier in the game and they felt there was yards left on the field. The player he may have been talking about was Olawale, who took a tunnel screen late in the third quarter and got nine yards out of it, but there was a lot more yards to be had if he hadn’t simply ran right into three defenders.

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