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Oakland native Marcus Peters suspended by Chiefs versus Raiders

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there will be no rematch between Marcus Peters and the Raiders. Chiefs Head coach Andy Reid has suspended the Oakland native for their game this week against the Raiders.

Peters is being sat down for picking up an official’s flag and throwing it into the stands in the Chiefs’ game against the Jets last week. Peters then left the field for a time before returning a bit later.

This is a big loss as he’s the Chiefs’ best corner and they are facing the Raiders in a three-way tie with them (6-6) atop the AFC West. A loss would mean they would be a game back in the division as well as losing the tie-breaker after being swept by the Raiders.

You may recall last time these two teams met in Oakland, he put a hit on Derek Carr that drew the anger of some of the Raiders’ offensive linemen. Then friend and fellow Oakland native Marshawn Lynch came off the sideline to try and break it up, causing him to grab an official. Lynch was then ejected from the game and suspended for the following week’s game in Buffalo which the Raiders would lose.

Marshawn then quickly changed and watched the remainder of the game from the stands, before greeting his teammates in the locker room afterward to congratulate them on the 31-30 win.

Marshawn and Peters then rode BART into Oakland together to the delight of a great many fans also on the train. This time they face each other it will be Peters in street clothes watching the game.