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2017 Super Bowl commercial: Febreze celebrates "National movement"

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As far as Febreze is concerned, the greatest "National movement" is the one you will make during half time of the Super Bowl. And they'll be there to keep it fresh.

In a speech that sounds like it was taken right out of Independence Day, Frebreze gets all preachy about what unites us as Americans -- holding back the need to release our collective bowels and bladders when the clock hits zero and the game heads to half time.

I'm sure Lady Gaga would not agree with this ad. She would prefer you use one of these commercial breaks to do your nature business so you can watch her perform in the half time show. Or at very least, make it quick. Though, if you're at a party and you follow Febreze's advice, you better hope there's more than one bathroom in the house or you'll probably just end up doing your little dance in the hallway.

The above commercial is the extended one. It was the :30 second spot below that aired during the Super Bowl.