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Tim Brown thinks Tom Brady should start every interview with “I wanna thank the Oakland Raiders”

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Every time the Patriots are set to play in the Super Bowl these days, the debacle that made their first one possible comes up. That, of course, is the Tuck Rule game in 2001 against the Raiders.

It’s media week in Houston leading up to the Super Bowl where Texas native and Raiders Hall of Fame receiver Tim Brown was interviewed by the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football crew. He was asked if he forgives Tom Brady and the Patriots for the Tuck Rule game, to which he responded “That would have to be no”.

Then he went on to let everyone know just what Tom Brady would have to do to earn his forgiveness.

"I tell people all the time, if Tom Brady would just start out every interview saying 'I wanna thank the Oakland Raiders,' I'd be happy and I'd let it go," said Brown. "But until that day happens, I'm not gonna let it go. Because think about this -- if he loses that game, he's a kid who lost a home game to a West Coast team in the snow. So he's not starting the next year. Because we were the Raiders, any other team, that game is over. Because it was the Raiders, it took them 12 minutes to come up with an answer."

He makes some great points. Most not only disagree with implementation of the Tuck Rule in this instance, but the rule itself was bad enough that since that time it has been removed from the rule books. Though, they made sure they waited a decade before removing it in the hopes that that game was far enough in the past.

Nope. It isn’t. Probably never will be. Certainly not while Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots keep finding ‘ways’ to be successful.