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With regard to Raiders relocation, Tim Brown would like you to remember the Alamo

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At this point, there’s no telling how much longer the Raiders stadium saga will continue. What happens at the owners meeting in March could offer some indication. If they vote to approve the team’s request to relocate to Las Vegas, that could be the end of the conversation. But if they don’t, the timetable remains indefinite.

A no vote would seem like a victory for those who hope to keep the Raiders in Oakland, but it may be short lived.

This time last year Oakland fans were celebrating the team being booted from the plans to move to Los Angeles and yet here we are again.

No sooner did Mark Davis head back to Oakland, but he was off to Las Vegas to start his work on moving there.

So, what if the owners vote no again? Will Davis and Oakland make serious efforts to get something done this time? Or will he once again immediately turn toward another option?

There is still a potential relocation destination where Davis could shift his focus for those who had forgotten. It’s one which ‘Mr Raider’ and Texas native Tim Brown would like remind everyone about.

“I don’t care where the stadium ends up being built. [They] just need to get in the stadium,” Brown said in an interview with ThePostGame last weekend. “If Oakland can’t get it done, let’s make it happen. I’m throwing out San Antonio again. San Antonio put a heck of an offer on the table. Let’s go back and talk to them, see what they can spruce up a little more. Let’s do something a little bigger and better. Raider Nation may be upset about this or that, but they will travel. One thing we know, they will travel. They’ll be upset for a minute, especially if it’s a good football team, [but] you can bet they’ll travel and gonna make it happen.”

Brown stated several times that he doesn’t care where the Raiders play, insisting that his only concern is for them to get a new stadium, wherever that may be. But it’s clear the idea of the Raiders coming to his native state intrigues him.

He’s not wrong, though. Aside from being the farthest departure in relocation, San Antonio has some attractive features. Not the least of which being the 65K seat Alamo Dome which would house the team until they could get their new stadium constructed.

San Antonio is home to the NBA Spurs which, as it happens, have the same Silver & Black color scheme. Texas currently has two NFL teams in Dallas and Houston, while California now has four with the Rams returning to Los Angeles last year.

I know, I know. Tossing in yet another city the Raiders could relocate to may be an extra detail no one wants to even consider right now. I get it. I don’t like it either. But with the owners vote just over a month away, remember that Vegas was a punchline in this conversation shortly before the owners vote for LA last year.

It’s also highly possible the owners decide to delay the vote, dragging this whole thing out longer.