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Aldon Smith reportedly under investigation for domestic incident

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There is some troubling news out today via TMZ that police in San Francisco responded to a call early Saturday morning that allegedly involved Raiders pass rusher Aldon Smith and a domestic dispute.

According to the report, Smith was not arrested, but is under “active investigation”.

Under normal circumstances and/or with any other player, we would all just sit back and wait to see if anything comes of it. But Smith is not just any NFL player and this is not normal circumstances.

Smith has been banned from the NFL for over a year and is under close eye of Roger Goodell to see if he can stay out of trouble before he considers reinstating him.

Recent reports had Goodell expected to reinstate Smith in March at the beginning of the league year barring a slip up by Smith. If there is any substance to this whatsoever, even a shred, that could be enough to keep Smith from returning to the league in March.

His original one-year minimum ban was up November 17, but due to previous incident in which he appeared to be smoking a joint in a video posted online, that reinstatement didn’t happen.

This recent incident puts the March reinstatement hopes very much in jeopardy.