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Impending free agent Tony Jefferson likes what he sees from Raiders “they know wassup”, Raider Nation likes him back

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This week there was a pretty interesting exchange involving Cardinals soon-to-be free agent safety Tony Jefferson. The southern California native was chatting with a friend of his from LA who likes the idea of DeSean Jackson coming to Oakland. Jefferson responded, making for a pretty interesting conversation in which Jefferson made it know, he likes what he sees from the Raiders.

Then the conversation got a bit interesting when his friend suggested what the Raiders really needed was Jefferson to come to the team.

It was Jefferson’s response that was most interesting. It can be interpreted a couple different ways. Simply in a general sense that the Raiders (or any team) knows what would get from Jefferson as a player. It could also suggest there has been some interest from the Raiders in his services. As he said “We’ll see in a couple weeks.”

Raider Nation soon caught wind of this and as they are known to do, they went full force on courting Jefferson to come to the Raiders. By Valentines Day afternoon, Jefferson was feeling the love. Perhaps a bit more than he bargained for.

Jefferson is a former undrafted safety out of Oklahoma in 2013. He has played his entire four-year career in Arizona, appearing in 63 games and starting 31. Barring an extension by the Cardinals, he will hit the free agent market in March.