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Once Raider hopeful former NFL RB Trent Richardson arrested for domestic violence

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Former NFL running back Trent Richardson was arrested Thursday night in Alabama on charges of domestic violence according to a report filed by the Hoover police department. He is in jail and held on $1000 bond as reported by the local Fox affiliate WBRC News.

It makes for another sad chapter in a downward spiral for the former number three overall draft pick out of Alabama.

The Browns made him their top pick and a season later, traded him to the Colts for a first round pick. A season after that, after attitude and weight problems and lack of production in Indianapolis, the Colts had seen enough and cut him.

Getting cut by two teams, both of whom used a first round pick on him should make for some soul searching. That’s what the Raiders were hoping for when they gave him a chance.

It was almost exactly two years ago the Raiders signed Richardson as a free agent. Jack Del Rio made it clear that bringing his weight down to what it was at Alabama was a must. It was seen as potentially the last shot Richardson would have to prove he wasn’t an NFL bust.

Richardson spent the offseason with the team before missing the first portion of camp with what, at the time, was an unknown non-football related issue. When he returned, he said it was pneumonia that had him out.

He didn’t make the Raiders roster and has been out of football ever since.

He later admitted to getting lazy, but swore that being cut by the Raiders was a wakeup call. The Ravens gave him a shot. He showed up overweight again, had to cut weight again, and failed to make the team out of camp.

Richardson’s NFL hopes were likely already over, but this latest development should seal that fate.