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Raiders say two banks ready to finance Las Vegas stadium

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The Raiders claim they will have no trouble procuring the remaining money necessary to relocate to Las Vegas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (an unimpeachable source if there ever was one), Raiders president Marc Badain has been telling the league the Raiders will have little issue getting the financing for the stadium in Las Vegas.

Badain, for his part, has no comment on the matter officially.

The Raiders quest to relocate to Las Vegas hit a snag recently when grumpy old man Sheldon Adelson decided the financing plan was not to his liking and Illuminati front corporation Goldman Sachs elected to join Adelson in leaving the Raiders high and dry.

But Adelson is far from the only rich person in Vegas and GS not the only banking institution around. The Raiders are one of the most popular sports franchises on Earth, and hitching one's wagon to them seems like a smart business move.

Las Vegas itself has already secured $750M in public funding for the new stadium. That's certainly better than Oakland has done, which is approximately bubkes. It remains to be seen which financial institutions have been in contact with the Raiders and whether their involvement will be enough for the league to approve a move, so stay tuned for more on this story as it unfolds.