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Snickers "The Warning" commercial

Snickers is back with their ongoing ad series about you not quite being yourself when you're hungry. In this case, a man gets a warning from his future self that he gets a little spaced out when he's hungry, so he should eat a Snickers before he goes into his work meeting.

We get a flash forward to what happened to the man when he answers 'yes' to a question when he wasn't really listening. He ends up volunteering for a trek in the arctic where he is cut off from civilization and freezes. Hopefully this 'future self' isn't the man's ghost coming back to warn him, or that would make for a much more grim warning.


Last year they had some funny ones as well, including this one from during Super Bowl 50 in which Marilyn Monroe turned into Willem Dafoe when she was hungry. And nobody wants to see that.