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Super Bowl 2017 commercial: Billy Zane as new Colonel Sanders in KFC "There Can Be Only a time"

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Some of you probably remember the movie The Highlander and it's subsequent sequels. Well, the slogan for those films was "The can be only one." Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC has taken that slogan and made a series of commercials set to air during the Super Bowl.

The series of commercials has the current Colonel Sanders (played by Rob Riggle) trying to prove that he is the real Colonel versus one made out of gold (played by Billy Zane). The joke, for those who have followed these commercials over the last few months/years is that they keep switching the actor playing Colonel Sanders.

Though Riggle has played the Colonel in a string of their commercials, originally it was Darrell Hammond. Then it was Norm McDonald. After that it was Jim Gaffigan and then George Hamilton as "Extra Crispy Colonel".

It would appear they are about to switch once again to a new Colonel. One made of gold. Played by Billy Zane.

Here are a set of teasers KFC sent out ahead of the Super Bowl and at the end, one with just Zane as the Gold Colonel.