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Latavius Murray working out with Eagles QB Carson Wentz

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders chose not to extend Latavius Murray's contract before it ended so the 6'3, 230lb running back is set to become a free agent March 9th when the new league year begins. The Raiders could still re-sign him or even slap him with the franchise tag before that but so far there hasn't been much urgency being shown.

That makes the fact that he was working out in California with a couple of Philadelphia Eagles, namely QB Carson Wentz and WR Nelson Agholor, very interesting.

"im just here to help"

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Is this a sign of interest from another team, a shrew move from an agent trying to highlight one of his most attractive players who are entering free agency, or just another time where things simply worked out for players from different teams to work out together?

It's tough to say right now but it's certainly very intriguing. The Eagles could use a large running back like Murray to add to their committee of Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles, and Carson Wentz had a great rookie year last season to start building on with a few more pieces around him. This could easily be foreshadowing on where Murray does end up if he doesn’t stay with the Raiders.

There is another connection here too though, Carson Wentz and Latavius Murray share the same agent. That is why this could simply be a moment of convenience or even more likely a moment of advertisement. What better way to remind the Raiders that other teams will be very interested in Murray than to show him working out with the most high profile player of a different team?

Whether this is showing the Eagles having a very distinct interest in adding Latavius Murray or if it was just a message to the Raiders that Latavius will have other suitors the message ends up the same; if you want to keep Latavius Murray then you are running out of time to offer a fair market value contract for him.