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What condition Raiders’ position is in pre free agency: Defensive tackle

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We check on each Raiders position pre-draft to give it a condition of either Strong, Stable, Touch and go, Serious, or Critical.

Starter: Justin Ellis

Depth: Dan Williams, Darius Latham

Free agent: Stacy McGee

Ellis was the team’s fourth round pick in 2014. He has never been looked to as a full time starter. Last season, he was at times seen as the team’s top nose tackle, but it was still in a rotation as the team was consistently trying to find the best option.

Williams looked as if he was a great free agent addition priot to the 2015 season, but regressed and found himself taking a backseat to Ellis. His snaps continue to drop as the season went along. His contract will be quite expensive in 2017 and it’s highly likely he will be released.

Latham was a nice get for the Raiders as an undrafted rookie last season. He was widely viewed as one of the top players to fall out of the draft and proved his worth in the offseason and training camp.

Of all the defensive tackles in the rotation last year, McGee was the only one who at one point looked like he might distinguish himself. Then his season was tripped up by injury. The former sixth round pick had hovered around the roster bubble heading into each of his four seasons in Oakland.

Condition: Critical

Opposing offenses had their way with the Raiders interior defensive line last season. And there wasn’t much in the way of pass rush either. It became clear early on that that defensive tackle spot would be an issue. Williams isn’t the answer and is far too expensive especially considering his lack of production. Finding a force in the middle of that Dline should be among the Raiders’ highest priorities.

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