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Raiders OL Kelechi Osemele swings on world’s highest swing in New Zealand

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NFL: Preseason-Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty easy to see why the team has embraced Kelechi Osemele as a leader for the Raiders. Besides being monstrously big, he is absolutely fearless. Apparently, his fearless tenacity on the field is part of him off of it too if his vacation in Australia and New Zealand is any indication of his life away from football.

The behemoth offensive lineman is on vacation down under with teammates Taiwan Jones and Brynden Trawick. Well, they happen to have the world's highest swing in New Zealand known as the Nevis Swing as one of their attractions. It has a 300m arc (984.252 feet) , a 120 m rope (393.7 feet) and is still 160m (524.934 feet) above a river where you swing back and forth. It takes a true adventurer to brave something like that, it's scary just watching the video.

Kelechi Osemele is just that type of adventurer though and he took his 6'5 330lb self right off that ledge.

It really is quite a sight to see a man that large jump off of a something like that where by the time he starts swinging he looks barely larger than a dot on the horizon. Considering how valuable Kelechi Osemele is to the Raiders offensive line though and the protection of Derek Carr, it is more than a little nerve wrecking to watch him take on such a challenge.

That wasn't the only adventure that Osemele has had on this vacation that may have raised the blood pressure for some of the Raider faithful. He also posted a video of white water rafting on Category 4 Rapids earlier on this vacation as well.

That event had already prompted a humorous reply from Coach Jack Del Rio and that was before the Nevis Swing.

Surely Jack would prefer one of his most important players not be so adventurous but you can't deny that it looks like Kelechi Osemele is having the time of his life this off-season. Good for him, he deserves to have some fun after the great season he had.