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Raiders among best odds of being Adrian Peterson’s free agent landing spot

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After spending the first ten years of his career in Minnesota, future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson is headed for free agency. The oddsmakers at have put out their lines on where could land in free agency.

Adrian Peterson team in Week 1 of 2017-18 regular season

Minnesota Vikings +250
Green Bay Packers +260
Oakland Raiders +1000
New England Patriots +1000
New York Giants +1500
Dallas Cowboys +2500
Field +140

Obviously a return to the Vikings for Peterson carries the best odds, just better than Peterson joining the rival Packers. Next up, however, is the Raiders.

Signing the 31-year-old 7-time Pro Bowler and 4-time All Pro would be a page right out of the Al Davis playbook. He was known for signing future Hall of Fame players in the latter stages of their careers. Eric Dickerson comes to mind as a running back. He spent his final full NFL season with the Raiders at the age of 32.

Peterson was injured last season, but is just a year removed from his last All Pro season in which he ran for 1485 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Peterson wants to join a contender and the 12-4 Raiders fit the bill. Not to mention running behind that offensive line has to be enticing as well. And with the very distinct possibility Latavius Murray will be leaving as a free agent, the Raiders will be in the market at the position.