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Khalil Mack gives his thank yous for “amazing honor” of Defensive Player of the Year Award

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Saturday night Khalil Mack became just the second ever Raiders player to win the Defensive Player of the Year Award. He didn’t attend the NFL Honors to accept his award, which caused former Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt — who presented the award — to joke that he once again gets to take home the award.

But Mack, not one to bask in the spotlight, was sure to give his speech to thank all the appropriate people. He just did it via his Instagram page.

“I want to first thank my fellow NFL peers for this amazing honor,” Mack wrote. “It’s a privilege to play against you week in and week out. To my teammates, you know I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you to Mr. Davis and Mr. McKenzie and the entire Oakland Raiders organization for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love. I want to say thank you to Raider Nation, the best fans in the world! And of course I want to thank my Mom and Dad, my family and my friends for always believing in me and allowing me to pursue my dreams. It’s truly a blessing to be named NFL Defensive Player of the Year!”

He received a series of congratulations on Twitter as well, answering a great many of them, including the first being from the one guy to have more QB hits this season than him, as well as having beat him out for 2014 Defensive Rookie of the Year; Rams Aaron Donald, who said “Much deserved bro congrats.” with the hashtag “#hardworkpaysoff”

He also got congratulations from his draft classmate, Derek Carr, who himself took home the award for Castrol Edge Clutch Performer of the Year.

Carr took to Instagram as well to share his thoughts.

“My brother,” Carr said of Mack. “I couldn't be happier for you. Pro bowls and all pros are cool... but DPOY is just ridiculous!! The best is yet to come! You and I both know you have bigger dreams. Keep working! #ByAnyMeans”

Mack responded on Twitter.