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Watch: Anger translator Luther at NFL Honors says what Jack Del Rio was really thinking when Raiders lost Derek Carr to leg injury

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Keegan-Michael Key of the duo on the Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele hosted the NFL Honors Saturday night. In it, he reprised a few of his famous characters from the show, including Obama’s anger translator, Luther.

These days, Luther is looking for work as an anger translator, so he offered his services to a few NFL people, including to Jack Del Rio who was asked how losing Derek Carr to a leg injury would affect the team’s chances in the playoffs.

Anger translator Luther says what Jack Del Rio was really thinking when #Raiders lost Derek Carr to a broken leg.

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Carr was lost to a broken fibula late in the team’s week 16 win over the Colts. The team would lose the finale against the Broncos 24-6 with Matt McGloin and Connor Cook at quarterback, which would hand Kansas City the AFC West and send them to Houston for a wildcard game instead of having a top seed and a bye week.

With McGloin also going down with a shoulder injury, rookie fourth rounder Cook would get his first ever start in the playoffs and the Raiders would lose decisively 27-14 to the Texans.

If Carr’s value to this team weren’t already obvious, it certainly was in those final two games without him.