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Super Bowl 51 Second Half Open Thread

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That was fun!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider Nation! Well, that may have been one of the more satisfying halves of football I've watched all year. The Patriots were sliced, diced, and turned into mincemeat by the Atlanta Falcons Death Machine. Tom Brady threw a pick six, and all God's people said, "Amen".

Falcons RB DeVonta Freeman has run over, around and through the Patriots' defense, which looks like it skipped the day in practice where Belichick taught them how to tackle. Julio Jones has made some great catches and New England has nobody whatsoever who can hang with him. Matt Ryan has been under pressure from New England's front, but he's still been able to pick the secondary of the Patriots apart.

The Pats have not been able to run the football at all, with LeGarrette Blount only having 16 yards on the evening. Freeman, on the other hand, has 71 yards and a score and has been too much to handle.

Here's to an exciting second half of football, and let's all hope Roger Goodell hands the Lombardi Trophy to Rhett Butler Arthur Blank at the end of the game.