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Super Bowl 51 commercial: Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber highlight T-Mobile series of spots

T-Mobile went for broke in this year's Super Bowl. It seemed just about every commercial break, there they were with another entertaining spot. The above commercial in which Snoop was looking for a bag of...something...which Martha Stewart tries to guess what it is. They are an unlikely pair and that's what makes it work.

Then it was the Biebs. Justin Bieber that is, sporting his new 'adult' look, calling himself the "Celebration Expert". He points to 'Gronk' aka Rob Gronkowski as a caveman inventing the high five, then evolving to spiking a football, then 'TO' aka Terrell Owens doing one of his well known celebrations with pompoms.

From there we go to a couple of spots featuring Daily Show alum Kristen Schaal. First in "Punished" which is a takeoff of 50 Shades of Gray.

Then she keeps it going, calling Verizon to say she's gone over her minutes hoping she gets 'punished' for it.