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Super Bowl 51 commercial: Audi 'Daughter' joins drive for equal pay for women

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Audi of America jumped head first into the fight to give women equal pay for equal work. The commercial appeals to the idea of what we tell our children about how we are valued as human beings.

In this case, a father watches his daughter in a downhill cart race and ponders having to explain to her that regardless of her education, skills, and work ethic that her worth will always be decided by her gender. That her father is worth more than her mother or her grandfather is work more than her grandmother.

Audi ends the spot with the message that they are committed to equal pay for equal work and that 'progress is for everyone.'

The concept of equality and acceptance of all genders, races, creeds, and nationalities was somewhat of a theme in this year's Super Bowl commercials. Companies such as Audi are stepping out and making their stance clear that they are for progress and equality.