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Super Bowl 51 commercial: Make up for next 4 years of bad hair with It's a 10 Hair Care

A message from It's a 10 Hair Care from their commercial during Super Bowl 51:

America, we're in for at least 4 years of awful hair. So it's up to you to do your part by making up for it with great hair. Your own style of hair. Hair you love. Perfectly imperfect hair. It's A 10 hair. The It's a 10 Haircare brand offers a simple solution for you - hair care products of professional quality in every bottle, to make your hair look and feel amazing.

Our goal is for you to enjoy exceptional results from a multipurpose line, all while reducing the number of products you need to keep on your shelf. It's a 10 stands by our products. We deliver the best in quality ingredients to help your hair. We never test on animals at any point in our product development and only bring you high-quality, professional hair care.

Life is better with It's A 10 HairCare.